Analysing dynamics of fire rescue, changing regulatory requirements, emergency planning and challenges in fire risk management


There is no day when we do not hear in news or read in the newspaper about fire causing destruction to life and property. On average, in India, every year, about 25,000 people die due to fire and related causes. Since independence, India has witnessed several fire related accidents which have caused huge losses of innocent lives and damaged property worth billions.

The high number of casualties and material damage caused by fire is largely due to the abysmal condition of fire services and lax application of fire safety standards in factories and buildings. Fire Services in India are relatively less organized and not fully equipped to tackle fire incidents.

Fire outbreak is the third biggest risk to business continuity and operations, according to India Risk Survey (IRS) 2018. In IRS 2016, fire outbreak was ranked eighth biggest risk to businesses. There was a 300 percent increase in cases of fire incidents in commercial buildings between 2014 (179 cases) and 2015 (716 cases). Timely fire audits backed with coercive mechanisms in case of dereliction of obligations can prove effective.

Inventicon Business Intelligence is pleased to bring to you the cutting edge, well researched event on Fire Safety which will give fire professionals a deeper look into the key issues affecting the design and delivery of a consistent, impactful and safety plan and provide an additional impetus for the promotion of fire safety policies and practices.



  • Regulatory compliances: fire safety codes and standards
  • Industrial fire safety challenges in response and suppression
  • Emergency planning and challenges in fire risk management
  • Fire risk assessments for industrial premises
  • Major fire incidents and implementing best practices to improve operations and prevent future incidents
  • Fire safety for building facades and implementing cladding systems in the organisation
  • Smoke management systems on high rise and complex buildings
  • Passive Fire Protection vs. Active Fire Protection


  • Map out the latest emerging policies that will streamline the fire safety process
  • Gain in-depth knowledge on latest solutions being adopted to comply with regulatory bodies
  • Share best practices on reducing fire hazards
  • Understand the best practices in managing fire outbreak
  • Exploring best practices on fire safety measures and initiatives for audits
  • Explore the various techniques and technologies for managing fire equipment
  • Network with India's top regulatory and fire safety experts


  • Fire Safety & Research
  • Facility Management & Administration
  • Building Management & Maintenance
  • Engineering & Architecture
  • Corporate Security
  • Environment Safety

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